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Okay so here's the latest stupidity in life: Guys who lie and think they get away with it.
I recently told a guy how i felt and he said he would go out with me when he got to know me better. All good right? NOT! Me my friend and him hang out and he says "I know this guy who didn't start dating until he finished school. I am so doing that relationships in school suck." then my friend pointed out me and he said " Yeah I know." Like i was nothing. Whats worse is that after he said this i believed him thought I'll go out with other guys 'til then. WRONG! last week everything was okay 'til the friend who was with us came in and said "HOLY FUCK HE'S AN ASS! okay you know how "that guy" said he wasn't going to date?"
i nod and say yeah. "He just asked me out on a date!"
Yes people that is what happened and now he hasn't once talked to me or given me the daily hug i used to get. and this proves once again how internet life is almost perfect while the real world SUCKS BALLS!!!! any girl who has had this or something like this happen tell me and i will vent my heart out for you. for a matter of fact any guy who had a girl do this to him to comment message whatever. Just know I'm here to speak the truth and i wont disappoint.

-Ever the truthful.


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