Okay so here's the latest stupidity in life: Guys who lie and think they get away with it.
I recently told a guy how i felt and he said he would go out with me when he got to know me better. All good right? NOT! Me my friend and him hang out and he says "I know this guy who didn't start dating until he finished school. I am so doing that relationships in school suck." then my friend pointed out me and he said " Yeah I know." Like i was nothing. Whats worse is that after he said this i believed him thought I'll go out with other guys 'til then. WRONG! last week everything was okay 'til the friend who was with us came in and said "HOLY FUCK HE'S AN ASS! okay you know how "that guy" said he wasn't going to date?"
i nod and say yeah. "He just asked me out on a date!"
Yes people that is what happened and now he hasn't once talked to me or given me the daily hug i used to get. and this proves once again how internet life is almost perfect while the real world SUCKS BALLS!!!! any girl who has had this or something like this happen tell me and i will vent my heart out for you. for a matter of fact any guy who had a girl do this to him to comment message whatever. Just know I'm here to speak the truth and i wont disappoint.

-Ever the truthful.

hey I'm here to say what needs to be said even if you don't agree with what i say I'll still say it and I'll still wanna here your comments on my posts.

Okay so here's life so far: no one is real they all pretend to be who they are. Do you know for sure if someone is your best friend? Or are they just faking it for the popularity and feeling they get out of having friends? My life is so fucked up that i can barely live through this hell everyday but I want to live life to the fullest so I survive. No one I know is real they are all made of plastic and act out a character. To me I feel closer to the friends i met on line than i do to the ones I interact with everyday,I feel as though the friends I interact with always need to lie to cover up something they think is embarrassing, That they need to lie through their teeth to get what they want and I feel as though the internet friends i have understand me and how i feel. Life is a catastrophe it never makes sense everyone hates you your feel alone and worst of all there are the adults who think that they have to yell to get what they want and own everything in the entire fucking world just because they have more money if kids had jobs and adults didn't then we would "own" everything, but no we are to young to have a job or to incompetent or to stupid or have no work ethic but if we put our minds to the task we could rule the whole entire universe in a matter of weeks.Life is unfair we all know that yet we still get our asses handed to s and are expected to ignore it but no not any more I'm here to speak out and up If you have a subject important to you but you don't wanna speak out afraid then tell me and I'll put it in quotes and sign your name at the bottom of the page I'm here speaking for those who wont or can't I don't care what the topic or subject is if it needs to be said it needs to be said.

-Ever the truthful.


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